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The SUSOIX® (suh-soy) company was founded in the summer of 2010 along with the innovation of the SkateBoard Spike® patented. The company incorporated in 2011 as SUSOIX LLC. The SkateBoard Spike allowed for three new kinetic performance strokes previously unknown on a skateboard. Stand Up Spike (SUS), Inside Cubi-X-Cross (ICXC) and Cubi-X-Cross (CXC). The three strokes combined comprise the sport of Spikeboarding. The sport of balanced strength. SUS may be practiced as a stand alone sport. Stand Up Spike Core out your door. SUS performs like no other land based stand up sport before it. SUS will stand up mountains.    SUSOIX’s  foundation is a life time of experience in action sports blended with over 20 years of endurance athletics, racing bicycles, inline skates, flat water SUP and Nordic skiing. Our products are the industry leaders in Stand Up Spike and SpikeBoading. These sports activate strength, endurance plus balance. They provide functional strength training for all serious athletes. Rock climbers, MMA fighters, downhill skiers and hockey players will all benefit from SUS and SpikeBoarding and have a ton of fun. The sport’s function logically right out your door all four seasons. They serve as active rest and urban, suburban and country commuting. SUSOIX is dedicated to recreation skill sets that become transportation. Become The Motor™. Drop us a line we would love to hear from you with questions, comments or share your stories of transport sport with us.

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