Susoix™ is the global leader and innovator in Stand Up Spike and SpikeBoarding products. The company will produce two publications and race leagues dedicated to these sports. Susoix™ manufactures the world's only SkateBoard Spike pat pend. Via all it's brands, Susoix™ is dedicated to transport sports and lifelong full body fitness as a social equation leading to improved global sustainability. Susoix™ believes recreation can assist human powered transportation education. Susoix™ is dedicated to providing SUP / Stand Up Paddle, XC-Skiing and Switch Kick SpikeBoard athletes the tools and education they need to cross train right out their doors day or night, rain or shine, freezing or hot world wide.
  • Employment

    Susoix™ is taking applications for the following: photo and video production, editorial writers for our publications, social media operators. Please submit experience in this field along with a cover letter telling us your story. Thank you.
  • Distributors

    Susoix™ is presently open to national dealership requests and international distribution partnerships. Submit contact information and we will get back with you soon. Thank you.
  • History

    Susoix™ as a company was born in the summer 2010 along with the innovation of the SkateBoard Spike pat pend and the two new physical strokes it gave birth to, Stand Up Spike and CXC or Cubi-X-Cross. Enrique Cubillo, the founder has a life time experience of action sports and over 20 years of endurance athletics. With a focus on the high performance endurance sports of Stand Up, XC-Skiing and Switch Kick SpikeBoard. SUSOIX™ endeavored to create brands that would serve the needs of these athletes when unable to access their traditional terrain as well as to those participating solely in the new sports of SpikeBoarding and SUS/ Stand Up Spike. The company considers all these to be transport sports and it is passionate about them.

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  • Sponsorship

    Susoix™ is open to both sponsoring athletes as well as negotiating sponsorship of any of it's brands with like minded partners. Athletes please submit the last 3 years of your active past as well as a calendar of goals for the new year and special plans be they competitive, fund raising or personal goals. Sponsors please supply contact information and we will get back with you soon. Thank you.